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Dozens of poker professionals have written books and done that they promise to teach the techniques of DVD Super Win, however the fact of fact is … frankly most of what they say is an absolute crap. Sometimes it is difficult to know if they are intentionally giving bad advice or if they are just out of the question. Yes certainly saying that you should not raise pre-flop of 72o is true, but it’s not like anybody with half-brain knew already. In this article I will show you some of the real poker secrets poker does not want to let you know. These are not specific and end up making more money (or playing for fun losing So what is it that really wants to be a great poker player? Continue reading and discovering what differentiates “poker winners” of “poker participants”. Here you can find the GameTwist.


Play well at first.

In general, it’s best to play a tight match at first, because then you can sit and watch just how others play their games and make mistakes.

Know when to start loosening your game.

Even if you play hard at the beginning, it’s just as important to know when to start playing loose. Because? There are several reasons for this, two are referred to below.

As players begin to be eliminated, loosen your game, because the blinds come to you faster. This means it will be more expensive as the game progresses.

It lets you send bad signals to their opponents. If you play too tight for too long, do not make a mistake, the other players will notice. The consequence of this is that when you get a big hand and play, other players do not “bite” because they know that you will not be able to do it unless you have a good hand. Here you can find the GameTwist. As a result, you do not earn much (unless, of course, only bluffing you have a good hand).


Practice-practice practice!

Since poker is not a lone game, it’s imperative to constantly try to improve your skill. Several poker tournaments have different structures; Several players have different levels of play; several poker events have different environments, and so on. As such, you constantly need to practice and be out there so that poker skills are never rusty.


Go to win

Surprisingly, a lot of poker players say they just play for fun when they really want to win. It’s as if not the courage to hope or fear of winning. Well, this is completely wrong with the mentality of bringing a poker game! You’ve heard more than once that poker is a lot of psychology and guess a little … this is also true for you! Go there with a winning attitude because without it, it will only jeopardize your efforts.


Masters the art of ‘bluff’

Everyone knows what the cliff is and part of the poker game. However, do not bluff for the sake of bluffing. Remember: Cliffs work only in specific situations against certain people! And even then, the “success” of your bluff depends in part on how you played your previous hands!

There is a myth that good players are the winning players in online gambling. But in reality, there is a major difference between good players and winning players. Good player and winning player are two different things and you can declare yourself as a good player without winning the game but you can’t declare yourself winner without winning the game. You can differentiate players now at the time of playing with the players all around.

  • Good player is the one who play well and who try to avoid losses when playing. He tries to play hard but he won’t risk everything for the game while on the other hand winning player play on the other level where he can risk his earned money on bet too.
  • Good players think about the strategies a lot. They will plan the way they are going to play and they will keep the check on others game as well. The winning player will go with the flow and they will check out the game of every present player on the spot. They won’t make plans because who knows which player is going to play differently today.

  • A good player like to join chat rooms which are a great decision to learn from people’s discussion and to learn from the pro players who are going great in the game. Winning player is the one who notices their own mistakes and avoids them for the next time. Winning player change their strategies from time to time and can see through their game to play like a master.
  • A good player is the one who doesn’t want to go with the change because of the change may be risky and there may be chances that they will lose but winning player goes with the change all the time. Online casino is all about the changes because you don’t know which player is going to join you today and at what level they are going to play.
  • A good player plays safe and scared of losing their money. The worst thing about online casino is that you can lose and win in just one turn. A winning player thinks about making move to confuse the one who is playing with them to make the game clear. A good player and a winning player can switch their role just on the basis of their passion and for the love of the game of poker online indonesia.


Poker game is very much famous from the last two century itself. Now the trend is slightly offset to online poker games rather than the conventional games because of its wide advantage and easy accessibility. Poker game is all about probability and psychology of the player. In online gaming players can judge the other players psychology that helps the beginners go rock on. But still some experienced player easily finds them by the way they responding to the bet raise.

Luck also plays an important role but not always. You cannot simply win by expecting the card you get but playing with the cards you have in hand. But most of the players bet believing it is their luckiest day. The game’s popularity is scaled by the number of players registered so far in 99Poker websites. It is one of the most dominating game website in the online casino.

The poker online game is liked by most of the different age group people. Everybody wants to get profited whether it is legalized or not. There are wide number of casino websites chose the reliable one you believe, register with minimum deposit, then you are ready to bet. But make sure your bank details are confidential. Casino website cannot be held responsible for your loss as per the terms and policy of the website. It is advised to use transaction through credit cards and e-wallets. So the cybercrime fraud can be prevented.

Today people have plenty of opportunities to learn the game either through free software or slot machines or tutorials available in many casino websites. Most of the casino games have free software as well as free tutorial in reliable websites like 99poker to attract the beginners.

Poker referral books

The games popularity made many authors write books about the games and strategies to handle the other players. Most of the books are written by leading players in the top lists. There are around three hundred books for reference. Some of them reveals the strategy one has to opt for different circumstances.

  1. Doyal brunson’s Super System 1&2
  2. Ace on the river
  3. Harrington on the cash games
  4. The theory of poker
  5. 52 tips for limit holdem poker
  6. Decide to play great poker
  7. The mental game o poker
  8. Beyond bluffs-Master the mysteries of the poker
  9. Beyond traps-the anatomy of poker success.

Beginners are advised not directly jump into a particular game immediately. Just understand the games rules then decide which is better to win money.