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Certified Japanese translation is generally required when making visa, immigration or bank loan applications, etc.

And the pitfalls that will get your application rejected?

As part of your application, personal legal documents need to be translated from Japanese to English AND certified. Translations are certified with what’s called a Statement of Certification, which essentially is a document issued by the translating entity attesting to the accuracy of the translation.

Without a Statement of Certification you don’t have certified translations. It’s as simply as that!

Basically, there’s a way to get your translated legal documents approved, and then there’s a way to throw money to the wind. Recently, a client showed up at our offices with a Japanese English translation in hand which he needed certified for a travel visa application. Why did this client not get the translation certified by the Japanese translation company that handled the translation? Well, it turns out that this company is well know for offering machine translation at unbelievably low costs; problem, though, is that official and governmental organizations such as immigration departments don’t accept machine translation due to the inherent poor quality. This is the reason why that famously cheap translation outfit refused to issue a Statement of Certification!

Here’s how not to throw money to the wind:

Always ensure the translation company can issue a Statement of Certification BEFORE you place an order.

.Contact Certified Translation Services Japan, Tokyo that will certify your translation, and ensure your application is accepted first time round anytime, anywhere!